A self-hosted knowledge management tool. It is intended to store fairly short parts of information (entries) like in a dictionary. Entry content is saved as Markdown so a user can use lists, formatted code, links, pictures etc. The search box lets a user look up entries by their names. There is also REST API that the application exposes: https://quena.klament.pl/api.

  • PHP
  • Symfony4
  • Doctrine ORM
  • API Platform
  • SQLite
  • Codeception

Quena Console

A command line interface (CLI) that communicates with Quena API. It helps to quickly look up notes or code snippets using a terminal. Thanks to ConsoleMD it outputs proper Markdown so the formatting is preserved.

  • Python
  • Click
  • pytest

Adict - Instant Dictionary Lookup

A browser extension that allows a user to easily look up a phrase in English or Polish holding ALT and double clicking. There are three available dictionaries: dictionary.com (EN), merriam-webster.com (EN) and diki.pl (EN/PL).

It can be used in Firefox and Chrome:

  • Javascript
  • WebExtension APIs
  • Firefox
  • Chrome


Its purpose is to generate hashes (MD5, SHA256 and SHA512) in order to verify the given file integrity. The application works on Windows operating system through the context menu for a file. It generates a hash using the chosen algorithm and it compares it to the clipboard for ease of verification.

  • Python
  • Tkinter
  • Desktop
  • Windows